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Welcome to AEM Counselling.



About Counselling


Counselling works towards long term solutions and greater happiness, however it is not an instant fix, it can enrich and change lives.  A non-judgemental approach has a powerful affect; Counsellors who portray empathy, warmth, compassion, honesty and understanding can allow people to realise their potential for living a fuller life, it enables them to find their own answers and take control of their feelings and emotions.  Through being open and honest, people learn to see more clearly and build self esteem.  Counselling can help to turn lives around, help individuals to flourish and relationships to build. Counselling is not about giving advice, it is about learning and realisation.  



Who is counselling suitable for?


Counselling is suitable for everyone, it works therapeutically with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.  Counselling is suitable for anyone who feels they need to make positive life changes.  Particular events in our lives can change the way we feel and respond, professional help can allow a person to understand those feelings, by gaining such help they create the potential for personal acceptance which allows them to make sense of their situation or feelings.  These are just a few of the issues that I have helped with:-





Counselling can bring peace and acceptance at this time of great more


Alcohol and drug use


I have had many years experience of helping people to work through reasons for substance misuse or addiction, which helps them to take control and turn their lives more




Getting divorced is one of the most stressful life events and Counselling brings space, clarity and peace, helping client's to move forward happily and obtain more


Family issues


Counselling helps families to sort through problems and conflict.  It brings clarity and  a way forward when family issues seem impossible... read more



I can help you to help yourself, building a happier life.